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Philip Youssef

Engineering @LendUpLoans. Previously @Twitter, @Groupon, @Microsoft.
Pasta enthusiast & restless programmer.

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A Dark Theme for Hipchat

We use Hipchat at work and the sun-biright white is pretty harsh on the eyes.Apparently you can modify the hipchat theme by messing with the css files in the...


A little late, but here's what I've been working on at Twitter for the last couple of months.GigaOm: Twitter introduces photo tagging, multiple photos in a s...

Calculating Water

I came across this interesting programming challenge and couldn't help but dig in and solve it for myself. The solution below is a re-write of the approach I...

Prism for Android

Prism for Android is now in alpha:APK: Feedback, feature requests & bugs welcome :)Github link to code: